What’s coming to Beaver Builder Version 2.5


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  • NEW: Outline Panel to easily see the structure of your page. The ability to move things around in the panel will come in a future update.
  • NEW: Add Duplicate option for BB posts in the WP Admin
  • Menu Module: Now has styling options for sub-menu link colors and the responsive toggle, also new option to have a logo in the center of the menu, new option to add search to the menu, and add support for showing WooCommerce cart contents in the menu
  • Pricing Table Module: Add toggle for monthly/yearly pricing, add the ability to add icons for each feature, add Typography options, and add option to display a ribbon
  • Content Slider: Add Background Overlay option for individual slides
  • Post Slider Module: Now has Typography options
  • Video Module: Add structured data options for contentUrl and embedUrl
  • Columns: Make width field available even for Single Columns
  • Add new mode to disable history temporarily
  • Debug Mode: Only output errors if showerrors parameter is in the URL
  • Disable smooth scroll via custom class fl-no-scroll
  • Add basic support for Font Awesome Official Plugin
  • Automatically clear CSS/JS files when URL changes

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