The flexibility of Beaver Themer and ACF Relationship Fields

In this video I’m looking at how we can display related (relational) content across post types as I am doing on this site with “Beaver Templates” and “Beaver Snippets”.

All this is new to me so I am certainly no expert on this topic, but I hope sharing this will help those, like me, who thought this kind of thing was intimidating. It is not. It is so cool.

This also something that I know Beaver Builder users can do with Pods and probably other tools that create custom fields and custom post types. I don’t want to favour one tool over another, but I happen to use the Advanced Custom Fields plugin (Pro version in my case, but this should work with the free version too).

Beaver Builder Relational Data

There is an article on the Beaver Builder Knowledge base called “List Related Posts using the ACF Relationship field (Themer)”  This is worth checking first as a basic “how to”.

What it does not show is how can combine it with the Custom Post Layout option that is in the Post Module when Beaver Themer is activated. Also how the ACF Post-2-Post can speed things up by “automatically updating the relationship field on the other end of the relationship”.

Links and further reading

My YouTube videos on creating CPT’s


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