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Peter's notes from Beaver Builder Website Stripdown #11

Hi David,

Might be interesting to put the following functions.php code as additional information under our website stripdown interview.
// Check if field is empty. See BB know-how guide for BT

function check_field_connections( $is_visible, $node ) {


if ( isset( $node->settings->connections ) ) {

foreach ( $node->settings->connections as $key => $connection ) {

if ( ! empty( $connection ) && empty( $node->settings->$key ) ) {

return false;





return $is_visible;



add_filter( 'fl_builder_is_node_visible', 'check_field_connections', 10, 2 );


// Shortcode for the copyright year in footer.

function currentyear_shortcode() { $year = date('Y'); return $year; }

add_shortcode('currentyear', 'currentyear_shortcode');


// Make various field blocks in the backend.

add_action('pods_meta_groups', 'backend_structure', 10, 2);

function backend_structure($type, $name) {

pods_group_add('event', 'Location Details', 'event_location, street_number, postal_code, city, country, website_location');

pods_group_add('event', 'Event Details', 'website_event, event_logo, event_slides, event_background_image, event_start_date, event_end_date, opening_details, number_of_visitors, number_of_exhibitors, number_of_countries, surface, exhibitors, video');

pods_group_add('event', 'Booking Details', 'more_information_form, booking-form');


And I created a Pods template to show the exhibitors participatie in an event on the single event page:
[if exhibitors]
<h3>Holland Pavilion participants:</h3>
[each exhibitors]
<a href="{@permalink}">{@post_title}</a><br/>
This was the definition of the bi-directional field in the Pod ‘events’
And that worked out as follows (to add exhibitors ‘through’ the single event edit post in the backend:
I do hope this adds additional value to the stripdown.
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