A New kind of addon pack for Beaver Builder

This combines templates, custom code and training videos to extend Beaver Builder in a lightweight and flexible way.

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It's made for those who...

  • Want more design options without having to depend on 3rd party plugins.
  • Want the best site performance, but don't code or tend to avoid it.
  • Want to understand code better through working examples and video tutorials.

It also extends the free Beaver Builder Lite version.

There's two parts

1. Custom templates

  • These are module, row & layout templates extended with code.
  • The templates can be added via a disposable plugin.*
  • The codes come from contributors within the BB community.

2. "how to" video tutorials

  • Short demonstrations of how to use and alter each template.
  • Specific tutorials are linked to each template for quick help.
  • Tutorials include the code so you don't need the templates.

Presently, it requires a tiny plugin by the Beaver Builder team that allows CSS and JavaScript in modules, rows and columns.

Why do this?

Too often I'd add plugins when only a few lines of code was needed.

Avoiding code was diminishing my site's performance and increasing my maintenance costs with more updates, security risks and chances of conflicts... and then, I would still need code.

I started to think a bunch of drag and drop templates could be a handy and friendlier way me to work with code snippets. Then later, that even for beginners changing a few code values could be less complex than some code free alternatives.

In some ways I wanted to get back to basics.  I chose Beaver Builder because they focused on doing essential jobs well.  Adding my own "bells & whistles" with a similar minimalism has made my page building experience snappier.

P.S.  The aim is not compete with 3rd party Beaver Builder plugins like PowerPack and UABB's that have advanced functionally and are client friendly.

Who's behind this?

Hello I'm David Waumsley . I've used Beaver Builder daily our web design business since 2014. I also make YouTube videos and co-host the WP Builds podcast.

I'll be running this and collating ideas from within the Beaver Builder community.  I'm no expert so I warmly welcome those who can add or improve on my work.