Layout Cheats With Beaver Builder’s Rectangle Row Shape

This video looks at how we can use Beaver Builder’s Row shapes to:
1. Let content (appear) to break out of it’s row (avoiding the page builder UI issues usually created with negative margins).
2  Create split screen effects quickly.

Link to the example page


This was inspired by question post on the Beaver Builder Facebook group the poster wanted to achieve the effect on this page  (Customizable Skins section) on the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder site.

Also thanks to Puneet Sahalot from PowerPack for Beaver Builder who shared the tip about split screens.


David Waumsley

A British chap who helps with websites and whatnot.  Some refer to him as a digital nomad, but he will accepts the term "fugitive" or "international bag lady".  He actually builds websites for a living. Yeah, I know!

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