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Beaver Builder Plugin Tips

Flexible Beaver Builder Mega Menus


This video shows a quick way to create a mega menu using Beaver Builder saved rows, a shortcode, a free plugin and a smidgen of CSS. In this example we are using the Beaver Builder menu module in a replacement header. This technique also works with theme headers, but you may require additional CSS to…

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Layout Cheats With Beaver Builder’s Rectangle Row Shape

Rectangle Shape

This video looks at how we can use Beaver Builder’s Row shapes to: 1. Let content (appear) to break out of it’s row (avoiding the page builder UI issues usually created with negative margins). 2  Create split screen effects quickly. Link to the example page   This was inspired by question post on the Beaver…

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The Flexibility of Beaver Builder Child Columns

Beaverbuilder Child Columns 1

Parent and child columns came to Beaver Builder in version 1.9 in Nov 2016, but as I recently discovered,  even with daily use it’s easy to forget the control they can give us over layouts. This get even more exciting when combined with the new background style options coming to rows and columns in version…

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Tweaking the Beaver Builder Template Library

Beaverbuilder Css Layout Templates

Beaver Builder  scales any sized feature image  you upload to show at  41 px  x 49 px.  I sized my mages to  156 px x 187 px and added the following CSS to the  global settings panel (shortcut key = Ctrl/Cmd + U). .fl-user-template-thumbnail .fl-builder–template-thumbnail { width: 160px; } .fl-builder–save-new-user-template, .fl-user-template { padding-bottom: 30px; } .fl-user-template-name…

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Beaver Builder Attractive Saved Row Templates

Beaver Builder Saved Rows

  Similar to the Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder and PowerPack you can create a nice looking image library of row templates right in Beaver Builder itself. There’s a articles covering this in the Beaver Builder knowledge base, but wanted to add: 1.  340px x 170px may be the best size for images. 2. You can…

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