Plugin Help

Frequently asked questions

These answer are about using the plugin. Please see here for questions on individual layout, row and module templates.

1. How to Install the plugins

Presently two extremely lightweight plugins are needed:

Both are included in the link I send to those who sign up for this on the home page. I'm told you need to be running Beaver Builder V2.4 or higher.

2. How to update the plugin

As the plugin is a collection of templates you only need to update if you want the new additions.

  • Since WordPress version 5.5 you can manually upload a plugin and overwrite the previous version.

You'll probably will not need to update the plugin across multiple sites as the is for building sites and can be deleted afterwards.

If you do you can use something like MainWP to send to all sites. With MainWP Pro you can use their File Uploader to overwrite the template.dat file included in the Beaver Junction.

3. Whitescreen or error after publishing

When altering the HTML, CSS or JS in the templates it's best to look out for errors before saving, but the editor does not catch every conflict.

Beaver Css Error

If you publish your page and get a whitescreen or error:

  • Try safemode. That is adding &safemode to your url (
  • If no luck, go to edit page/post on the top bar to the back-end and look for revisions (see image below).
Beaver Junction Revisions

4. How to create my own version?

The plugin is merely a way to deliver a collection of templates. You use them, re-save them and deactivate the plugin whenever you like. You can also create your own plugin. To do this:

  • Save all the (row,module and layout) templates you want to keep.
  • Add categories and featured images as you want (340 by 170 px for rows and modules. 155 by 187px for layout templates).
  • Go to the WordPress admin panel, click Tools > Template exporter.
    (If not there enable it by going to Settings > Beaver Builder > User Access).
  • Select the templates you want to export (as a .dat file).
Templateexport Dat

  • Unzip the Beaver Junction Plugin.
  • Overwrite the template.dat file in the data folder with your own.
  • Open up the Beaver-Junction file and change the details to make your own (optional).
Beaver Junction Diy