Beaver Builder without jQuery

Beaver Builder Without Jquery

This is a follow on from my last video where I was removing unused WordPress assets from a simple Beaver Builder page for performance.  The image below shows the WordPress files removed are in red, but by far the largest render blocking resource on that page is jQuery. Do we remove it? Hint: the answer…

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What’s coming to Beaver Builder Version 2.5

Beaver Builder Version 2.5.fw

  Also mentioned: WooPack Assistant for WordPress Enhancements NEW: Outline Panel to easily see the structure of your page. The ability to move things around in the panel will come in a future update. NEW: Add Duplicate option for BB posts in the WP Admin Menu Module: Now has styling options for sub-menu link colors…

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Flexible Beaver Builder Mega Menus


This video shows a quick way to create a mega menu using Beaver Builder saved rows, a shortcode, a free plugin and a smidgen of CSS. In this example we are using the Beaver Builder menu module in a replacement header. This technique also works with theme headers, but you may require additional CSS to…

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Layout Cheats With Beaver Builder’s Rectangle Row Shape

Rectangle Shape

This video looks at how we can use Beaver Builder’s Row shapes to: 1. Let content (appear) to break out of it’s row (avoiding the page builder UI issues usually created with negative margins). 2  Create split screen effects quickly. Link to the example page   This was inspired by question post on the Beaver…

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The flexibility of Beaver Themer and ACF Relationship Fields

Beaver Builder Relational Data

In this video I’m looking at how we can display related (relational) content across post types as I am doing on this site with “Beaver Templates” and “Beaver Snippets”. All this is new to me so I am certainly no expert on this topic, but I hope sharing this will help those, like me, who…

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Beaver Themer: ACF Options Support Could Change EVERYTHING!!

Acf Options Bb

Important:  The functionality shown here is probably not unique to ACF. Other custom field plugins like Pods could be worth checking if you are not a ACF user. Support for ACF option fields has been in Beaver Themer since it was in alpha. Perhaps for many it was one of a number of overwhelming options for…

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Beaver Themer: Styling the Post Navigation Module

Beaver Themer Post Navigation

  Notes: The Post Navigation Module was added to Beaver Themer 1.2 which was released at the end of August 2018. Those who use the Beaver Builder Theme will recognize it as something built in to the theme.  It can be hidden or made visible via the customizer by going to: Customizing ▸ Content▸Post Layout ▸Prev/Next Post…

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